HEGduino 2.0: "The Brain Pulse-Oximeter" AKA "The Delobotomizer"

HEGduino 2.0: "The Brain Pulse-Oximeter" AKA "The Delobotomizer"

First kits now ship throughout the second half of September and early October. 


Here comes affordable, medical-grade Hemoencephalography! We're proud to announce the evolution of our HEGduino kits into a fully fledged device for the medical and enthusiast community alike.



- Dual Channel 4000sps simultaneous sampling @ 19 bits

- Adjustible LED output up to 124mA. 

- 32bit, 4MB, 240MHz dual-core ESP32 microcontroller with rechargable battery support.

- WiFi, BT/BLE, and USB connectivity.

- Fully customizable firmware via Arduino and Espressif IDEs.

- Free IoT software and tools to use your HEG on any device with no installs.

Our 2.0 device will be capable of extremely high precision brain pulse oximetry at state-of-the-art speeds. It may even enable measurement of brain waves in your cerebral fluid! We're convinced we can help create a new era of biofeedback thanks to your support!


The hardware image shown is just of the HEG/FNIRS/Oximetery breakout board. Developer kit designs for the headset will be shown soon.


These are much more functional than our V1 kits. Not only that, you can even do HRV.


You will receive:

1 HEGduino 2.0 developer kit (assembled and tested)

1 USB Cord

1 Custom Headband, industrial design pending

Free software and support!


PENDING: 1 LiPo Battery. International orders may have issues with this so we will work with you. We will include something of equal value if we can't ship these.


Previous orders of $125 will be rewarded with TWO devices.


View our successfully crowdfunded project for the original HEGduino at: https://crowdsupply.com/alaskit/hegduino


Check out our Github page and see our progress on the software. 

  • Repair Policy

    We ensure that the devices are sturdy and in good working order before shipping them. We will be happy to provide support for devices broken for any other reason than negligence. We may not be able to replace your device right away but we'll do our best to offer support and offer replacements as we have the budget to do so. 

Early Adopters Dev Kit

If you just want to support the project:

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