HEGduino 2.0: "The Brain Pulse-Oximeter" AKA "The Delobotomizer"

HEGduino 2.0: "The Brain Pulse-Oximeter" AKA "The Delobotomizer"

Web sales suspended till further notice. We are about to launch a new Crowd Supply campaign to fund a larger bulk order. All prior orders not yet fulfilled are still being fulfilled due to delays from holidays.


Here comes affordable, research-grade HEG/FNIRS! That's Hemoencephalography, and Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy! We're proud to announce the evolution of our HEGduino kits into a fully fledged device for the medical research and enthusiast community alike. This developer kit is your portal to low cost HEG/FNIRS and easy, affordable home brain training with brain-blood flow biofeedback.



- Dual Channel 4096sps simultaneous sampling @ 19 bits

- High sensitivity photodiodes

- Bright Red and IR LEDs with adjustible output up to 124mA.

- 32bit, 4MB, 240MHz dual-core ESP32 microcontroller with rechargeable battery support.

- WiFi, BT/BLE, and USB connectivity.

- Fully customizable firmware via Arduino and Espressif IDEs.

- Free IoT software and tools to use your HEG on any device with no installs necessary.


High precision signal and low noise guarantees quality biofeedback FNIRS data. Swap LEDs and run routines off of the ESP32 using the connector breakout board for the sensor. 


We are testing combining HRV with HEG exercises for an even better experience.


You will receive:

  • 1 HEGduino 2.0 developer kit (assembled and tested)
  • 1 USB Cord
  • 1 Custom Headband
  • Free software and support!


PENDING: 1 LiPo Battery, we will soon be offering these, otherwise you can get the right ones off of Adafruit store. You want the flat pack LiPo batteries with JST-PH 2.0 headers which are their main type.


View our original successfully crowdfunded project for the original HEGduino at: https://crowdsupply.com/alaskit/hegduino


New whitepaper here.


Free downloadable software demo here: https://hegalomania.netlify.app


Check out our Github page and see more resources.

New repo: https://github.com/moothyknight/HEG_ESP32_Delobotomizer

Original repo: https://github.com/moothyknight/HEG_ESP32


This is a developer kit. While it meets almost all safety standards for wearables, it lacks an isolated DC/DC converter or equivalent to meet certain high voltage protection ratings required for medical grade devices when powered from AC. To avoid any risk use an isolated connection through a computer or laptop USB port, or LiPo battery with a JST-PH 2.0 header.  For best signal quality always use a battery connection (a laptop off the charger works just fine).


Get in touch if you want to help us develop this project, we work on a truly shoestring budget while we are dedicated to improving this as much as it takes to proliferate this important biofeedback and low cost neuroimaging technology in a responsible, accessible way. 


Contact for bulk options.

  • Repair Policy

    We ensure that the devices are sturdy and in good working order before shipping them. We will be happy to provide free support for devices broken for any other reason than negligence. We may not be able to replace your device right away but we'll do our best to offer support and offer replacements as we have the budget to do so. 


If you just want to support the project:

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