HEGduino 1.0 Developer Kit

HEGduino 1.0 Developer Kit

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The HEGduino is our flagship developer kit thanks to crowdfunded support. Featuring all off-the-shelf components and a state of the art ESP32 microcontroller, the HEGduino is affordable, durable, and all DIY. 



- 16 bit, up to 860sps ADC

- bright Red and IR LEDs at completely safe wattages and wavelengths

- 32bit, 4MB, 240Mhz dual core ESP32 microcontroller with rechargeable battery support.

- WiFi, BT/BLE, and USB connectivity.

- Fully customizable firmware, free open source IoT software compatible with any device.

- Durable, custom FLEX sensor and mounting PCBs

- Simple neoprene strap with fasteners. 


We're providing free cross-platform software support via web apps, and we'll soon be offering more services through our website. This is a DIY developer kit that is compatible with a Lolin32 or Huzzah32 Feather which we provide depending on what you want.


Comes with a simple headband and USB wire. 


Check out our Github page to see the software and for firmware updates.

We have a Chrome Extension, a Desktop or Phone-compatible Webapp, 

and also BioEra support! More coming!


New whitepaper here.

  • Repair Policy

    We want our users to have a good experience with our product. These devices are in development and as such are not perfectly durable. Let us know if your device breaks for any reason other than negligence and we'll do our best to advise you and replace any components. Please note we're tight on budget so we might not be able to replace things right away as we can only use surplus components for the time being.


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